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Types of Cannabis Products: What to Pick?

With the growth in popularity that cannabis has experienced in recent years, through legalization in so many locations, there are many examples of cannabis products that you may not have even considered a few years ago.

In this guide, we’re exploring types of marijuana products that you can enjoy and the kind of cannabis-infused products you might find if you head to a recreational marijuana dispensary.

Let’s delve into the full repertoire of marijuana dispensary products and explain the sort of benefits these cannabis products have, so you can make an educated decision on the sorts of weed products you wish to take home with you.

What Types of Marijuana Products are There?

We’ve listed the types of cannabis products out there below. You’ll notice just how much variation there is.

Cannabis Flower

cannabis flower

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Of all the types of products on the cannabis market, cannabis flower may still be the most popular. It is definitely the oldest of all examples of cannabis products, as it is in the “raw” and not highly processed state, just buds and flowers from the marijuana.

To consume, this weed is often dried, ground in a weed grinder, rolled, and smoked. Alternatively, they may be used in a bong. Rather than cannabis-infused products, this is the ‘pure’ product. Any other types of marijuana would be processed from the original form, cannabis flower. While normally smoked, there are plenty of other ways that weed can be enjoyed.


Pre-rolls are already rolled and ready to go, purchased in the same sort of way that you would buy pre-rolled cigarettes.

Pre-rolls reduce the amount of work you’re having to do in the prep. They often come in their own convenient containers so you can just pluck one ready to smoke whenever you want. If you’re the sort of person who hates rolling joints, this could be a really appealing option, but you usually pay a premium for pre-rolls. These marijuana dispensary products are some of the more pricey when compared to buying and processing flowers yourself.

Pre-rolls are simple to consume with no real prep required. You simply smoke them.

Marijuana Concentrates

The list of marijuana concentrates and THC infused products such as dab, and oil, are growing all the time. These provide more and more options for those who want to enjoy weed in different ways. A lot of people are buying dab rigs that can be used with condensed and concentrated forms of marijuana (dab). They heat the dab and effectively form a vapor which you can inhale, which is a way to get the compounds of cannabis into your endocannabinoid system.

Vapes are also becoming more popular, which are used to consume weed in virtually the same way, we explore more below.

Most marijuana concentrates can be vaped, but there are also many other options to take these onboard. For instance, concentrates can be used to create edibles, or consumed directly. Tinctures, for instance, are types of cannabis products that can be put directly under the tongue and absorbed into your system or bloodstream.

Vape Pens

Vape pens are an option for consuming marijuana on the go. They usually take either cannabis oil or cannabis flower that has been ground. It depends on the design of the vape pen.

Like a lot of the other options, the cannabis is heated, and the vapor that is created from liquids such as THC-infused oils or other cannabis-infused products is perfect for inhaling while on the go. Vape pens have become popular among smokers (and former smokers) in recent years.

Cannabis Edibles

thc infused products

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One of the types of cannabis products that is easiest to consume is edible.

Edibles are made with a dosage of marijuana-infused products within, such as an oil added to the mixture of making gummies or other edible types of marijuana products.

Consumption is easy in terms of how you get these into your system. It is just a case of eating the products! However, you do need to be very careful when it comes to consumption as you do not want to have too much weed.

Be cautious about the dosage and check the mg per gummy so you aren’t overdoing it. It is better to have too few rather than too many and risk feeling the heavy effects of marijuana.


Topicals don’t tend to have THC in them. Marijuana topicals tend to not be THC infused products as they don’t need to make you ‘high’ at all. Instead, these sorts of products tend to contain CBD and embrace the anti-inflammatory properties that CBD has to offer.

Topicals can be balms or lotions and usually they are simple to apply, all you need to do is to rub them into your skin. These are great for massages, or for areas that are causing pain for inflammation, for instance, if you have knee problems and get consistent pain.

Choose the Cannabis Product that’s Right for You

As you can see, there is a huge difference between the effects of each cannabis product.  CBD topical simply has some pain killing effects, whereas THC-infused marijuana products will be able to give you the feeling of being “high”.

Choosing the right option for you is all about working out which type of effect you are hoping for. For relaxing at home you might want THC to enjoy a high feeling, but if you just want a balm to place on an injury then it is likely you’ll just want a cannabis product that is full of CBD instead of THC, and can be added to a lotion or a cream to be topically applied.

How to Distinguish Bad Cannabis Products from Good Products

Marijuana dispensary products can vary in quality, but it usually follows that using a trustworthy dispensary results in getting excellent marijuana dispensary products.

Certifications including the Clean Green certification, and certificates of third-party checks like a COA can be really helpful when it comes to establishing the type of product that is right for you. On top of that, you can perform a simple search to try and get some background on the companies you are using to source your weed.

In the age of weed being legal in so many states, there is very little reason for having to endure poor-quality cannabis products. Whichever types of cannabis products you’re looking for, there should be a quality option in your local recreational marijuana dispensary.

Where to Buy Legal cannabis products

Want to find the most popular cannabis strains in Oregon? You’re lucky enough to live in a state where cannabis is totally legal. Lots of different types of THC products aren’t legal in some other states, and looking for anything other than CBD products might lead you to frustration.

A recreational marijuana dispensary is becoming a more common sight in a lot of the states in the US, where the dispensary items list can extend far beyond cannabis products like CBD, and you can enjoy psychoactive products with THC in them, too. Make sure you are visiting a well-reviewed and trusted marijuana dispensary to find your cannabis products.

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