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How to Sober Up From Cannabis Fast

There are inevitably times when you’re feeling high, and you suddenly need to feel a little bit more alert.
However, if you know how to get “unhigh” then you’ll be able to seem a bit more like your sober self, especially useful if you get an unexpected visit from the inlaws, for instance. Let’s delve into how to get off a high caused by cannabis.

How to Come Down from Cannabis Fast

We’ve all wanted to know how to become unhigh as quickly as possible.

Drink Water

If you want to know how to come down from being high your first instinct might be to consume some water, and you’d be right. Water is magic, and it helps to flush lots out of our system. It can also help to tackle some of the feelings we get from weed such as that cottonmouth feeling you get from smoking weed.

Take in Some Black Peppercorn

One of the more unusual methods for how to become unhigh is to take in some peppercorn.
Alpha pinene is present in peppercorn which can increase your feeling of mental clarity and even boost your memory. While it does also have a compound with a sedative effect, there’s also Beta-caryophyllene in peppercorn which has anti-anxiety effects, great if you’re a potential paranoid weed smoker.

Consume Some Cannabidiol (CBD)

The next time you’re in the marijuana dispensary you might want to pick up some CBD as well as your standard order.
CBD has a balancing effect, and CBD and THC act as a sort of yin and yang. The therapeutic compounds in CBD are great for counteracting some of the things that make you feel more “high”. Great for those who want to know how to come off a high.

Reach for a Lemon

how to get unhigh


How to come down from being very high? Lemons.
The lemon rind contains limonene which is a compound that can help you to feel calm, and to bring you down from that high. It can also help you to feel a lot less anxious.
It isn’t just lemon, there are some other citrus fruits that are sources of limonene, but as the name suggests, lemon is definitely one of the best sources.

Eat Pine Nuts

Pine nuts are another source of Alpha-pinene, so they’re very handy to have around if you start to lose your clarity from smoking weed. Remember that this increases feelings of clarity in your mind, which can tackle the high feelings and help you to sober up from being high.

Take a Nap

If you want to know how to stop being high, of course, going to sleep for a while is a good way to clear your system. You’re effectively switching off your brain and allowing your body to catch up and metabolize the marijuana that is in your system. If you are finding it hard to get to sleep then you could try to eat some pine nuts or attempt the other techniques on this list first.

Focus on Something Else

We all know from experience that overthinking, about anything, can lead things to seem much worse than they are. Rather than just worry about being high or how to get unhigh, you can do something to take your mind off it. Mindful activities like doodling and coloring are great solutions.

Cuddle a Pet

How to stop being high? Cuddle your pet. It’s really that simple in some cases. Well, at least it can help you to feel less anxious and tackle any paranoia that you are having. Pets are shown to release loads of chemicals in your brain that increase mood and reduce feelings of anxiety.

Get Some Food

take some food


This is the same whether you prefer edibles vs smoking or smoking vs other ways of consuming weed. Food has to be digested and metabolized and helps the THC bind to the food and metabolize faster, which is how to come down from a high.

Take a Walk

Of all the tips on how to come down from being high, this could be the most useful. Going for a walk to clear your head is something you may have been told to do before, but there are loads of reasons why it is a great thing to do when you are high, and when you need to get unhigh and stop feeling anxious.

Taking a walk is a simple form of light exercise, and this can be ideal for a variety of different reasons. It can help you to:

  • Think about something else. While you’re walking you are less likely to be thinking about how high you are or focusing on anxious feelings.
  • Get the blood pressure down.
  • Improve your mood by releasing endorphins and other chemicals that can make us feel better when we exercise.
  • Burn off your energy so you feel more relaxed. If you start to feel tired then you know that it is doing the job you want it to.

Remember that you don’t have to do any strenuous exercise here, just enough to get the blood flowing.


Knowing how to sober up from a high can be quite a unique thing. Different people find that different methods are better for them. For example, you might be the sort of person who can just take on some cold water, distract yourself, and start to feel a bit less high. Some people are looking for how to come down from a high because it is something they find really difficult. Our methods can help, and all of them are worth trying if you need to feel soberer and retain the clarity in your head.

Ian Baker handles content marketing at Happy Leaf Portland. There are 5 years that he is deeply involved in the cannabis field. He had 3 years of experience as a Budtender and thanks to his desire to achieve more, he has a career move. Currently, he works as a content manager.