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Cannabis Tinctures: The Healthiest Way to Use Cannabis

When you visit a cannabis dispensary in the modern age you are likely to notice the fact that there are lots of new and exciting products that you can enjoy. In this guide, we’re exploring more about cannabis tinctures and asking questions about how to use tinctures to enjoy your marijuana even more and to gain even more control over the amount you are consuming.

Let’s dive into all that vital information including how to use THC tinctures.

What is cannabis tincture

What is a tincture, anyway?

A lot of people want to know how to use tinctures and what they do that is any different from other ways of consuming cannabis.

Tinctures are liquid cannabis extracts. How to make a cannabis tincture? Well, they are made from cannabis flower which is soaked inside a substance that can separate the terpenes and CBD as well as THC from the plants. What is the end result? A solution that is rich in all of the compounds that most people are looking for from their marijuana.

These sorts of tinctures have loads of benefits including the fact that it aids with keeping the solvents in their best possible condition for longer, this means a longer shelf life.

Tinctures are an easy way to consume cannabis, and they’re not a new invention by any stretch. In many ancient medicines, tinctures have actually been used for hundreds of years. It is easy to work out how to take tinctures and this means that they are popular for a variety of substances.

marijuana tinctures

How to use cannabis tinctures

How to use tinctures is one of the questions a lot of people have when they first explore this type of product. A lot of people simply use it by putting it under their tongue. Why? Well, this is one of the best methods of how to take THC tinctures as it allows the cannabinoids to absorb into the bloodstream.

Drop the desired amount onto the area underneath your tongue, and leave it there for around a minute to have an impact.

If you want, you can also use tinctures to add cannabis to food and drink and create very simple edibles.

The benefits of using cannabis tinctures

What is a tincture good for? What are the benefits of using this sort of cannabis tincture? There are actually a lot of different plus points. These include:

  • Shelf life. They’re a way to extend the shelf life of your marijuana and keep the compounds in good condition for longer.
  • Edibles without the calories. If you prefer to use an ‘edible’ method of consuming cannabis, tinctures can be added to anything, giving you control over the dose of marijuana you’re consuming.
  • Control of CBD and THC. Sometimes, it can be hard to know exactly how much CBD and THC you are taking on. If you know how to use tinctures properly you can more closely measure the mg of these substances you are taking into your body.
  • Subtle. Rather than smoking marijuana which can come with its own issues such as smelling strong, you can subtly take tinctures around with you and drop it under your tongue when needed.

How to make cannabis tinctures at home?

Knowing how to buy cannabis tinctures and how to make them yourself are different things. Making your own is definitely not a quick process.

  • First, you need to decarboxylate your flower or the concentrate you are using, and if you have flower then you need to grind it.
  • Next, you can mix it with alcohol that is high proof, within a jar such as a mason jar. You then need to leave it in a closed jar for a matter of weeks, shaking it every day.
  • After around 20 days, strain the solution through a coffee filter to get your finalized tincture solution.

THC tincture

How to dose and consume cannabis tinctures

The most important aspect of knowing how to use tinctures for your marijuana is arguably working out how much to take. It’s always a good idea to try to get at least a rough idea of how much THC and CBD you are taking on, especially if you are new to it.

If you are buying from a licensed marijuana dispensary then there is every chance that you will have a lot of information on how many mg of these substances are in each dose. You should also get a tincture that has an ml reading on it so you can measure how much you are taking in.

Do tinctures burn under your tongue?

Most people who learn how to take THC tinctures are worried about the burning sensation. Because the tincture has been made with high-proof alcohol it can feel a bit like the burning feeling when you have a shot of liquor. If you don’t like this sensation then you might take a bit of time to get used to the feeling of taking a cannabis tincture.

How long will I feel the effects of a cannabis tincture?

Your effects can kick in very quickly if you leave the tincture under your tongue as it will get straight into your bloodstream. If you let them enter through your digestive system the effects may take longer to start to kick in. It can take 30-60 minutes for the marijuana to take hold. How long they last can depend on the strain of marijuana you are enjoying and could be over 12 hours in some cases.

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