how to get a medical marijuana card in Oregon

A Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Your Medical Card in Oregon

In this guide, we explore how to get a medical marijuana card in Oregon. While Oregon medical cards aren’t totally essential to buy marijuana from an Oregon dispensary, it is still helpful to get your card. Oregon medical marijuana rules are different if you have the card compared to if you do not, and some users, such as those under the age of 18, may need the medical card in order to be allowed to actually buy marijuana and cannabis-based products.
In this guide, we’re going into detail on how to get your OMMP card. This is short for the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program, the system used for administering medical marijuana cards in the state. Patients have the option to make their Oregon medical marijuana application and enjoy some of the benefits of having this card, proving a medical need for marijuana.

Why Do You Need to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Oregon?

cause recreational marijuana is allowed under Oregon marijuana laws, you don’t need a medical marijuana card in Portland or anywhere else in the state, but if you want to take advantage of the benefits designed to help those who have been recommended as needing marijuana then it is a good idea to get a card.
A medical marijuana card can save you money. If you want to know how to buy marijuana more cheaply, you can make your application, and around 30% discount can be achieved depending on where you buy your marijuana from. It varies from one state to another in Oregon.
We explore the Oregon medical card system and the benefits of knowing how to get a medical cannabis card in Oregon below.

What are the Benefits of a Medical Marijuana Card in Oregon?

Though you can access weed without the card, there are some clear benefits.
With a medical marijuana card in Oregon, you can buy cannabis products at a dispensary tax-free. In the state of Oregon, you will pay 17% tax on marijuana, but there are also individual rules regarding each city. An Oregon medical card can save you another 3% in Portland, for instance.
You can also enjoy the ability to grow more marijuana yourself or possess more. Oregon medical marijuana rules say that patients can possess up to 24 oz of cannabis. If you’re a grower, you’re allowed up to 6 mature plants at any one time.

Who Can Get an Oregon Medical Marijuana Card?

Of course, there are OMMP qualifying conditions, which we will explore below. Depending on whether you meet these conditions, you may or may not be able to get a marijuana card. Even people under the age of 18 may be able to meet the conditions though they will need consent from a parent or guardian.
There are a number of different conditions and symptoms people can struggle with that may lead to them needing a medical marijuana card. Commonly, things like glaucoma and cancer are candidates for the card to be issued.
What Are the Qualifying Conditions for Medical Cannabis in Oregon?
Qualifying conditions for your Oregon medical marijuana application include suffering from the following conditions:

How-To Steps for Getting an Oregon Medical Marijuana Card

So, let’s look at the steps for how to get a medical marijuana card in Oregon. While it isn’t just as simple as filling in an application and waiting for your card, the steps aren’t overly complex, so those who qualify can make their claim quickly.

oregon medical marijuana card infographic

Get Evaluated by a Qualifying Physician

Even though anyone in the state of Oregon over the age of 18 can buy recreational marijuana, not anyone can get a medical marijuana card. To qualify, you need an evaluation by a qualified physician. Those who can give you this evaluation include MDs or Doctors of Medicine, or DOs, Doctors of Osteopathy. Nurses are not permitted to give these letters.

Receive a Recommendation for Medical Cannabis

The evaluation is all about letting a doctor determine whether you actually need medical marijuana. The card is only given to those who qualify, and this is based on whether there will be physical benefits to the marijuana being taken. A physician’s recommendation is 100% necessary for your application, so if you visit a doctor and they are not willing to write this letter of recommendation, there is very little point in making the rest of your application.
If your situation should get worse, it is possible that you might be able to get a letter of recommendation at a later date.

Apply for the Card

Time to make the application. Once you have the proof that you actually need marijuana from a physician you can fill out the application form. As well as a letter of recommendation, you will need to provide some other evidence, such as proof of residence in the state of Oregon. You will also need a valid ID.
You can do the whole application on the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) website. If you aren’t comfortable doing this or you don’t know how to, there is an option to get a form and complete it via the mail, but this will take longer. As part of the application you also have to pay your fee, which is usually $200 but can be lower if certain criteria are met. We explain more about this below.

Get Your Card and Start Shopping

Time to visit that Oregon dispensary and start using your card. Once you have received the card, you can show it at any dispensary and qualify for all of those benefits of having the medical card. You can save up to 30% on the overall costs of marijuana.
As well as buying cannabis flower, you are able to buy a lot of other products including concentrates, CBD-based products, and you can even choose to grow your own cannabis from seeds if you wish to. Though there are limits to how much you can grow (six fully germinated plants) it is a good way to produce a lot of cannabis for your own personal use.
The card takes 30 days to come, but until then you will be able to use a receipt from the process to show that you are entitled to medical marijuana.

What Are the Oregon Medical Marijuana Costs?

The Oregon medical marijuana card cost is $200 for the application to be submitted. However, this only applies if you don’t meet any of the low-income requirements which can drastically cut the cost.
The costs can be as low as $60 if the patient receives Food Stamps, $50 for those on the Oregon Health Plan, $20 if someone is on Supplemental Security Income or $20 for US army veterans. Those who are on Social Security or who are getting Disability income do not qualify for the lower rates.
If you lose your card, there is also a $100 fee to get it replaced or reprinted with changes of details.


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