how to roll a blunt

How to Roll a Blunt in 6 Easy Steps?

There are many ways to enjoy cannabis, from edibles to vaporizers, but one of the best methods of all is also one of the most traditional: a classic, timeless blunt. Blunts have been popular for many years and will continue to do so for many more to come, offering an authentic cannabis experience with cannabis packed tightly inside a hollowed-out cigar for maximum flavor and rich sensations. This guide will help you learn how to roll a blunt to perfection, every single time.

Get Your Materials for Rolling a Blunt

Before we look into the details of how to roll a blunt, it’s important to make sure you’ve assembled all the key materials you’ll need to put it together in the first place. You’ll need three key items for rolling a blunt, and you can find all of them at any reputable marijuana store:

  • A cigar, cigarillo, or blunt wrap
  • Your chosen cannabis strain
  • A grinder to grind up your cannabis (this is optional, but can be very useful, especially for newbies.

You can find various types of rolling papers for blunts, just like for joints. Blunt wraps are particularly popular, as they come in long rolls for total convenience.

How Much Cannabis Should You Put in a Blunt?

When it comes to rolling a blunt, many people aren’t quite sure where to start in terms of the quantity of cannabis they use. It’s really a matter of personal preference, but in general, since blunts are quite big, up to or over 2 grams of cannabis will be needed.

How to Roll a Blunt?

Now let’s look at how to roll blunt easy in just six simple steps:

Step 1: Grind Your Cannabis

The first step of all when it comes to rolling a blunt is grinding up your cannabis. You can use a grinder for this purpose to make it as simple and convenient as possible, or you can even just use your hands or a small blade.

People have their own opinions on the best method for rolling the perfect blunt. Some say that using the hands is the best option to help it burn more slowly, while others prefer the even burn offered by a classic grinder.

You can try out both methods separately and see which one gives you the best results, and be sure to experiment with different strains of cannabis for unique flavors, aromas, and sensations too. Many people enjoy high CBD strains nowadays for their medicinal benefits and low THC levels.

Step 2: Prep the Blunt Wrap

rolling a bluntThe next step of rolling the perfect blunt is getting your wrap ready. You can use a cigarillo, grab some empty wraps from your local marijuana store, or use whatever other materials you prefer.

To prep the blunt, you’ll need to use a simple blade to cut it along the length or tear it very carefully with your fingers.

After the blunt has been properly split, take the tobacco out from the center and then get rid of it or store it separately for use at another time.

Step 3: Wet the Tobacco Wrap

The next step is to get the wrapper nicely wet, but you have to be very careful in this stage. If you get the blunt too wet, it might be soggy, weak, and difficult to use. If you don’t use enough moisture, however, it won’t be as easy to work with.

You need to apply just a small amount of either water or saliva liquid along with the wrap. This will help to make the wrap simpler to roll, shape, and use, giving it more structure and definition in general.

Most people like to use a little saliva for this purpose, but if you’re rolling the blunt for someone other than yourself, it’s usually more polite to make use of water instead.

Step 4: Fill it up

rolling the perfect bluntAfter the wrapper has been correctly moistened, you’ll be ready to proceed to the next step of the preparation for how to roll a blunt easily. This is the stage where you’ll want to fill up your empty tobacco wrap with the cannabis you ground up earlier on.

This is also the stage where you need to be careful in terms of how much cannabis you’re using. If you’re only working with a simple cigarillo, you might only be able to fit a gram in there. If you’re using a larger blunt wrap, you can go up to 2 grams and beyond.

Be sure to think carefully about what kind of paper you’re using, how big you want the blunt to be, whether you’re going to be using it alone or sharing it with others, and so on in order to decide on the correct amounts.

Step 5: Roll the Blunt Wrap

Rolling the wrap is the next step for how to roll a blunt, and this is where things can go wrong and simple mistakes can be made that could ruin the whole process. This is why you need to be very careful, especially if you’re a newbie to the world of rolling blunts.

Use great care and caution while rolling the cannabis in your fingers to pack it up in a balanced way. If the wrap feels brittle and dry, it might need a little extra moisture here to prevent it from cracking.

Either way, once the cannabis is packed inside, you can wrap the paper around itself, wetting along the open edge and then smoothing it closed.

Step 6: Bake the Blunt and Enjoy

how to roll a blunt At this point, your blunt will almost be ready to smoke and enjoy, but there’s one last step to take into account before you actually light it up. You need to bake it. This basically means you need to let it dry off in order to fully seal and provide the best possible burning experience later on.

The way you should do this is by holding a lighter along the seam around the outside of the blunt itself, taking care not to get the flame too close. If you hold the lighter too close, your blunt might burn. You don’t want that to happen; you just want to get some heat and help it dry.

Once your blunt has been baked, you’ll be able to light it up at one end and then start enjoying it, either alone or with good company.

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